Unleash the Possibilities When you Buy a Beacon Enabled Wireless Charger  

You’ve no doubt heard of and used Bluetooth before, but let us give you the low down on beacon enabled technology. A beacon is basically a small Bluetooth radio transmitter that repeatedly sends a signal that other devices can see. The beauty of incorporating this technology into our wireless charging products is that it becomes a complete end-to-end solution whereby you can utilise a collection of features, including app integration, usage statistics and personalised notifications.

People are becoming increasingly dependent on their mobile devices and constantly need a charger to stay connected, so it would almost be silly for businesses to not buy into the genius of beacon enabled wireless. You can easily track the customer analytics of every charging location which provides valuable diagnostic information, helping you to monitor success and ensure optimal layout for further installations down the track.

The integrated wireless charger transforming businesses

Wireless charging is being adopted at a rate that parallels the uptake of Bluetooth and is quicker than wi-fi. All different types of public venues are experiencing the marvel of Aircharge, with charging points being rapidly deployed around the globe. Join the most extensive wireless charging network in the world, consisting of more than 5000 locations, in over 55 countries, with 25,000 charging points and growing.

No matter if you run a restaurant, bar, coffee shop, fast food chain, hotel or retail store an integrated wireless charger can provide value to your business. Bluetooth beacon technology allows you to tailor communications to your customers and interact with them on a more personal level through the app. For bricks-and-mortar stores it is the go-to channel for advertising and engagement. From sending push notifications to their mobile devices to delivering a host of integrated services digitally, including menus, table or room service, location details and marketing promotions. Offices, educational institutions, transport services, and the automotive industry can also benefit from.

The leaders in long range wireless charging

Aircharge was established in the UK back in 2014 and is at the forefront of surface chargers. All of our Qi wireless chargers are certified and support Qi compatible devices and Aircharge accessories. Through the partnerships we have built with multiple well-known brands, such as McDonald’s, Emirates and Starbucks, we are now driving the adoption of cable-free charging on a global scale.

We offer easy installation and clever design that addresses constantly evolving work practices, technology and legislation. To experience long range wireless charging for yourself, join our rapidly growing network of business locations globally by contacting us today!