Coffee drinkers make up a broad market, but one thing they have in common (other than enjoying coffee!), is that they embrace the use of technology at their fingertips - including coffee ordering apps.


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We all enjoy our daily cup of coffee, and whether it be for breakfast, lunch or dinner, we also enjoy some time to sit down and relax.    


With over 90% of us feeling anxious about losing power on our phones, and 22% of us ordering something at a bar or restaurant just to charge our phones, Aircharge wireless charging is great solution for any cafe.



Deploying Aircharge wireless charging provides a simple and elegant solution enabling your customers to top up their portable devices - smartphones, tablets, wireless headphones, etc - whilst relaxing in their rooms, or having a meal or drink, without having to fiddle with cables or trying to access power sockets. 



Aircharge is proven to drive additional footfall from customers looking for the convenience of wireless charging, and can also increase dwell time, making it more likely for your customers to engage with your business and order additional items from the menu while topping up.  Great to encourage customers to spend time in your cafe.  



Utilising Bluetooth beacon technology integrated into the Aircharge surface chargers you can monitor usage statistics of each individual charging location which helps monitor success, optimise layout for future installations and provides useful diagnostic information.  It also enables you to interact with them personally through digital marketing programs, latest offers, menus, and in-house ordering.



Traditional wired charging relies on access to power and carrying around cables. Bringing power to a table-top or surface instead, the Aircharge wireless charging end-to-end solution completely eliminates these issues and let customers charge in a completely safe and convenient way. Aircharge offers simple installation & smart design for the office, hospitality and retail.



Globally Adopted 

By partnering with leading brands across different sectors, Aircharge is already available in more than 5,000 public wireless charging locations worldwide. Aircharge technology can be found in Starbucks…

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