Is my device compatible/does my phone have built in compatibility?

Click on this link and find your device to establish whether wireless technology is built in as standard or whether you will require an Aircharge accessory to enable charging.

How do I know if my device isn’t charging properly?         

No audio beep, The charging bar on the phone does NOT indicate charging.                                       

If my Aircharge charger emits a continual beep what does that mean?

Your device is misaligned; please remove your handset and centre back onto the charger.

Will my device continue to charge when the battery is full?

All Aircharge products will switch to standby mode when not in use, a key energy saving -environmental benefit.

Are Aircharge units water tight?                                                                        

The Aircharge wireless surface chargers are fully splash proof and units can be made water proof when installed with silicon material.

My phone feels warm to touch after charging, should I be concerned?

It’s normal that your phone gets warm when charging wirelessly, however, this is not a concern. All Aircharge products have gone through appropriate Health and Safety tests. If you charge your phone with a normal wall charger, you can feel that the charger and device get hot. It’s the same with wireless charging.

How quickly will my device charge?

Wireless charging on Aircharge transmitters is as fast as charging with normal wall charger. However, please note that some wireless charging receivers may charge at a slightly slower pace.

Is it possible to charge tablets on aircharge wireless charging accessories?

Yes, for tablets with built in Qi such as the Google Nexus 7 and it is possible to charge Apple iPad mini products with Aircharge accessories. 

For tablets that require an additional accessory Aircharge transmitters deliver up to 5W of output power, charging speed may be slightly affected but devices will still charge although at a slower rate. 

Can I charge multiple devices at the same time on one Aircharge wireless surface charger?

Aircharge transmitters support the Qi standard from Wireless Power consortium (WPC). According to Qi specification only one device/receiver can be charged on one Qi compatible transmitter coil at any given time.