The future is wireless

As we have become increasingly dependent on our mobile devices we are  affected by limited battery life. Most of us are likely to need to charge our battery more than once per day.

Aircharge solves this issue by providing wireless charging solutions in public spaces, offices and home.  Letting you charge wherever you go in a safe and convenient way.

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QI- Compatible devices 

If your mobile device is Qi wireless charging enabled, then you’re ready to go! Simply place it on the Aircharge wireless charger and it will start charging instantly.


Don’t worry!
Through our range of receivers and accessories, we can enable any other non-Qi device to enjoy the freedom of wireless charging.


Aircharge beautifully integrates within the surrounding environment, eliminating the clutter of having multiple wires laying around and alleviating needing access to different chargers, cables or battery packs to keep all devices charged.

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One place to charge your portable device 

The Aircharge wireless charging solution can enable any smartphone and the majority of portable tech gadgets and accessories to charge wirelessly.

The list includes: Smartphones, Tablets, Bluetooth® headsets
Stylus & portable keyboards, Cameras, Portable power packs
and Portable speakers

Keep all your tech gear fully charged!

Maintain a healthy battery  

Research shows that maintaining a minimum of 50% discharge extends your battery’s health as much as possible. Similarly, when a battery is fully charged, Aircharge will not continue to try and supply charge unlike standard mobile chargers.

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We are a member of the Wireless Power Consortium and all Aircharge products are fully compatible with devices supporting the leading Qi global universal standard for wireless charging. Millions of devices in the global market support Qi wireless charging and more are coming all the time. This global ecosystem is widely extended and will grow further as more and more devices, consumer electronics and now even cars incorporate wireless charging.

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