Australia is Discovering the Qi Wireless Charger Craze

We connect to the internet wirelessly so why shouldn’t it be possible to charge our devices that allow us to access the world wide web in the same way?

Well luckily wireless charging is now a reality due to the power of Qi Wireless technology. There are a few different types of wireless charging standards, but Qi (pronounced Chee, meaning ‘energy glow’ in Chinese) is certainly the leader in the field. Without getting too technical, Qi utilises electromagnetic induction which works by transmitting power from a charging pad to a receiver that’s typically located in the back of mobile devices these days.

Aircharge allows people to charge their devices in the most simple, intuitive and convenient way. After making wireless charging possible in over 5,000 locations around the world, our products are now available to buy in Australia, so the Qi Wireless Charger phenomenon can be experienced in more and more public spaces, offices and homes. Trying to find the right cables and cords will be a thing of the past, the same goes for stressing about phone chargers being mysteriously borrowed, or not where they’d been left.

The Qi wireless charger to buy for compatibility with any device 

Stay charged no matter what. From smartphones and tablets, to portable chargers, speakers, cameras and even keyboards, Aircharge works with almost every device. Our latest surface charger solutions even work with both Qi compatible and non-Qi devices.

Brands including Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Motorola, Google, Blackberry, Microsoft, and most other major manufactures are Qi wireless enabled. This means it’s as easy as placing a device on the charging pad and it’s ready to get powered up! We want everyone to have the freedom of wire-free charging, so we created a range of receivers and accessories that enable non-compatible devices to charge too, such as the iPhone models from 5 to 7 which are still used by many people today.

The charger of the future

Once you go wireless you won’t go back. For individuals, powering your devices at home or in the office is a breeze with a Qi Wireless charger, and businesses around Australia can experience increased foot traffic, dwell time and spend per person at their venues from adopting this technology. The Aircharge Beacon-enabled integrated wireless charger is perfect for Restaurants, fast food chains, bars, coffee shops, hotels, retail stores, offices, educational institutions, transport, stadiums, automotive and more.  

To experience the Aircharge Qi wireless charger for your home or office, or to join our rapidly growing network of business locations globally, contact us today!